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Beef shaved slices Black pepper as per taste Canned Corn. Cheddar cheese Slices Fresh parsley leaves Heavy cream Lotus biscuits Mortadella, Olives stuffed with lemon. Oregano Parmesan cheese Parsley Provençal herbs. Red pepper flakes. Spaghetti Squeezed lemon Sweet pepper Sweet peppers Tagliatelle Thyme Tomato ketchup Tortilla Turkish pide bread Worcestershire sauce alfredo pasta all purpose flour apple apple cider vinegar apples bacon baking powder baking soda bananas. basil beef beef cube black olive black pepper black prepper as per taste boiled chicken boiled pasta boneless chicken bread bread crumbs brown sugar butter cabbage cake flour canned tomatoes carrot cheddar cheese cheese cheese slices cherries cherry tomatoes chicken chicken breast chicken broth chicken stock cube chilli garlic sauce chilli powder chopped avocado chopped bell pepper chopped broccoli. chopped carrot chopped cauliflower chopped cherry tomatoes. chopped chili chopped chilies chopped chives chopped cucumber chopped garlic chopped onion chopped peppers chopped tomato chopped tomatoes cilantro cinnamon cloves of garlic(crushed) cocoa powder cooked chicken cooked macaroni cookies coriander corn cornstarch cottage cheese cream cream cheese crushed chili crushed cloves of garlic cumin seeds curry dark chocolate dill dinner rolls double cream dried cranberries dried oregano egg eggs feta cheese flour flour or wheat flour frozen frozen blackberries frozen raspberries garlic garlic paste/powder garlic powder gelatin ginger garlic paste ginger garlic paste or powder ginger powder/onion powder ginger powder/paste grated Parmigiano Reggiano grated coconut grated parmesan cheese green capsicum honey hot pepper hot sauce instant coffee juice kefir ketchup kiwis large chopped onion large potatoes leftover meat lemon juice light cream lotus spread lotus spreading lukewarm milk mashed potatoes mayonnaise melted butter milk minced meat mint mozzarella cheese mustard noodle nutella nuts oatmeal oats oil olive oil olives onions orange juice paprika paprika as per taste paprika powder paprika powder as per taste parmesan. pasta pasta water peaches peanut butter peas pepper pinch of salt pineapple pizza sauce potato potatoes powdered sugar pumpkin pumpkin seeds red chilli pepper red pepper curls rosemary salmon salt salt and pepper as per taste salt as per taste seed mixture shredded chicken shrimp shrimps soy sauce soya sauce spinach spinach leaves spring onion squeezed lemon juice sugar sunflower oil thin sliced ginger tomato tomato paste tomato puree tomatoes tortillas tuna turmeric powder vanilla essence vanilla essence powder vanilla extract vegetable vegetable broth vinegar walnuts warm water water whipping cream white pepper powder yeast yogurt zucchinis.
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